Startup evaluation

Often, a start-up is an organization based on an innovative idea or a new technology,  employing enthusiastic employees who, at least initially, are fully confident in their company's future success. But whether this belief is based on facts?

We are always open to help the start-ups, as our mentoring has always a successful result - either the start-up will be able to successfully and rapidly enter the market, or we will jointly improve or even transform a concept of the product or service of the start-up in such a way for it to match the actual market demand. Our mentors evaluate the business concept proposed by the company, determine its strengths and weaknesses, from applicability of the concept and ending with its probable market price. We measure the "noise" level in the world's geographic Internet, which characterizes popularity and demand for the business concept proposed by the start-up, simultaneously identifying potential sales markets. We audit the potential competitors and identify potential target audiences for the new product. And finally, we help to the start-ups to attract additional risk investments at the international level.

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