Smart communication strategy

For several years, the advertising and marketing market faces a grow in importance of digital communication channels. The web space is full of disorderly corporate communication messages, which never reach the right target audience. How to overcome this huge digital communication noise and to qualitatively reach your true target audience?

After having determined comm targets and the target audience which should  be reached, we develop detailed "portraits" of the target audience, which characterize habits and peculiarities of operations of each specific audience in the Internet space. The obtained "Portraits" of the target audiences pass through an in-depth analysis, with use of the special algorithms, and there is created a detailed instruction on how to reach each target audience in the Internet space. We create an overview of the communication channels, which indicates what exactly Internet advertising networks and other comm channels may be used for addressing each, even the smallest target audience. According to the "portrait" of the target audience, there are also formulated the main individualized communication messages, taking into account the seasonality of the audience being reached, if any. And, of course, an efficient strategy of the digital communication allows for a timely detailed planning comm budgets and their returns.

Communication strategy

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