Risk investment insurance

Risk investments in the start-up companies, particularly in their early stages, are associated with such a high risk which no reasonable insurance company will engage to insure. Of course we do not deal with the insurance business, however we may give  investors of the risk investments something more  -  belief, based on facts, that the investment in the specific start-up company is worth this risk.

During the early phase of the risk investment, investor's intuition undoubtedly plays an important role. We provide investors important in-depth information to help in making more informed decisions about the investment conditions and volume. Essentially, we thoroughly check any start-up company's basic assumptions of the potential market, marketing channels, the level of prices, competitors and so on. If the investors consider it to be necessary, then we can also check digital reputation of the start-up company's team. Nowadays, the Internet space data analysis capabilities made the risk investment business more secure and thus also -  more profitable. 50 years ago, hardly anyone used seat belts in cars - today their use is self-evident. We see that the pre-investment digital researches, in the market, become similarly self-evident in the risk investment business.

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