New product launch or fresh service kickoff

New product / service launch is a responsible step in the development of any company. The most entrepreneurs are confident in their own abilities and independently carry out marketing activities in the new product / service launch in the market. However, we would recommend to take the first steps carefully and thoughtfully.

Our experienced marketing professionals develop, by means of the special algorithms, an effective sequence of the activities to be carried out - the steps that should be made for the successful launch of the company's new product or service in the market. We conduct the audit of the competitors' marketing activities, thus borrowing the best practice and gaining an in-depth understanding of positioning the company's new product or service. We identify potential target audiences on which to focus the marketing activities. We determine the best communication channels and advertising tools, through which it is possible to most effectively reach the required target audience. And finally, we develop a detailed marketing plan, basing on the company's financial capabilities. As a result, it remains for our client only to choose partners for implementation of the marketing plan and to successfully launch the new product or service in the chosen target market.

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