Content purchase planning

This relatively particular service is provided by us to various media organizations (Internet television, video-on-demand services, etc.). Today, the media consumer largely determines the media content, so it is very essential to have good knowledge of the interests and needs of the target audience of the media.

We rely on data of volumous researches, in which intensity and seasonality in demand for the media content of various target audiences are reflected in details. With help of these data, for example, it is possible to determine precisely what media content to buy or to create and how to plan a new media season. Media content interesting for the target audience is the first prerequisite for media popularity, but in the age of saturation with informational channels, not only the media content purchase should be strategially planned, but also the diverse communication with the target audience, to be capable to conquer its attention. That is why we always offer to customers  integrated services - in this case, we provide a planning of media content of high level, as well as promotion of the content in the market. Our business objective is to increase a base of customers loyal to the media.

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