Mobile Advertising

The market for mobile ads is exploding - in fact, it is expected that mobile will outgrow all other digital ad platforms. Taking that into account, the future promises to be bigger and better for the mobile industry. That is why at SH Group we believe that mobile advertising is a must.

Mobile advertisements can help businesses in many different ways. This particular platform offers a wide variety of ad formats and options. We customize mobile campaigns to suit the needs of your clients by including any combination of the following ad types:

•    Mobile App Installs
•    Mobile Search Ads
•    Mobile YouTube Ads
•    Product Extension Ads
•    In-App Ads
•    Video Ads
•    Sitelink Ads
•    Instant Preview Ads
•    Promotion Code Ads
•    Click-to-Call Promotions
•    Expandable Image / Video Ads
•    Instant Preview Ads
•    Promotion Code Ads

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