Email marketing

Email marketing is a time-tested and proven method of reaching out to your customers. When used properly, email marketing is a useful technique that builds brand awareness, loyalty and trust. Email marketing will enhance your relationship with the customer, making the customer feel remembered and important - and your clients are important!

Our email marketing campaigns are custom tailored to your needs. No more guesswork - our campaigns include conversion tracking and user activity analysis. You will know exactly which messages have the best response and can tweak your marketing campaign for maximum cost effectiveness.

We will automate your email campaigns and each potential customer will receive promotional offers tied to their activity on website. Abandoned basket? No problem! The user will receive a reminder email with a special offer. This often results in higher conversion rates, helping your customer make the important decision of buying or renting your goods and services.

Time-sensitive emails will reach your target audience at the exact time they usually check their email boxes, maximizing soft and hard conversions. Email marketing still is and will be an important tool in the entrepreneurial toolbox.

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