Our passion?
Introducing your business to the perfect customer. We empower your marketing, sales and PR activities with time-proven strategies, saving your time, budget and human resources.

SH GROUP was established in 2013 and is specialized in developing strategies for entering new markets and for effectively communicating with customers and partners. Our core members have 26 years of marketing experience, and we have grown alongside the developing industry of online marketing, ever since Google's invention enabled customers with the ability to find their potential service or product provider. Our mission is to boost our customer's sales by introducing them to the right markets and discovering vital market information.

Our clients range from startups looking for the perfect niche opportunities to seasoned powerhouses looking to optimize their approach of reaching their customers - we have proven strategies for both B2C and B2B fields. You have the product/service, and we will provide the 'where', 'when' and 'how' of your customer habits and traits for maximized results.

Throughout the years we have successfully carried out projects for clients in the manufacturing, services, communications, financial, media, trade and legal sectors, among many others. Currently SH GROUP is providing services to 50 active clients from all around the globe. At this point, we have thoroughly researched market conditions for about 2/3 of global markets and have established a network of marketing professionals across countries offering you local insights and professional assistance.

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